Massage Therapy for Surfers in Playa Negra

Posted on Sep 13, 2013 in Wellness

Massage therapy in Playa Negra, Costa RicaGet ready to experience the perfect combination between working out and relaxing.  By staying with Real Surf Trips, you’ve already chosen one of the best areas for surfing along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica’s north shore…you’ve come to enjoy all-day surfing sessions, paddling hard and giving all that you have to ride our magnificent and powerful waves along the Nicoya Peninsula.

And after all that spent energy, we have for you the best treat you can get for your body: we’ll arrange for one of our certified massage therapists to come to our luxurious Wavehouse in Playa Negra and work out the soreness that comes with paddling and getting tubed all day. Be 100% sure that you’ll be ready to be destroying those lips and getting those Real barrels for the next day’s surfing session!

Massage therapy for surfers is essential in order to get back out there day after day during your Real Surf Trips vacation!

Real Surf Trips in Playa Negra, Costa Rica provides its guests with first class accommodations, one-of-a-kind service and over 20 years of local surf knowledge, guaranteed to give you the Costa Rica Surf Trip you’ve been dreaming of!

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