5 Must-watch surf movies perfect for all ages

Posted on Feb 27, 2015 in Costa Rica, Costa Rica Surf Trips, Video

feb 27

During your family surf trip vacation in Costa Rica with us, we invite you to have a little fun and watch some surf movies perfect for all ages.

Here is a list of fun family friendly surf movies that will entertain and re-energize, making you want to get back out to the waves (and the fun) the next day.

Surfing for Life

Full of humor and life-embracing courage, surfing for life is a fascinating all-audience film challenging the cultural image of the American youth about aging. You will be thrilled at the unstoppable surfing experience of Fred Van, aged 60, surfing 25 feet waves and John Kelly surviving an attack on Pearl Harbor and transforming into a peace activist. It is a compilation of true life stories told in interviews that will revitalize your surfing moves as you watch with your family.

Surf’s Up

You may disregard Surf’s Up as another animated movie about penguins. Well, you will be in for a pleasant surprise. This film presents as a documentary of an award-winning surfing tournament drifting you from the sight of these animals and brings you into the reality of human characters. It is graced with background stories, interviews, old footage, and other elements that make its characters loveable and interesting. It’s saturated with humor and superbly animated making it fit for family viewing.

Soul Surfer

After a shark attack and the loss of an arm, Bethany Hamilton opted to travel and serve others with her youth group. Soul Surfer is an inspirational film of a young surfer who turns her pain into an opportunity and dedicated her life to being a role model for others. The Soul Surfer brings home a positive message and a high level of patience even in challenging circumstances. The movie is rate PG but holds out a very profound faith-related message that you don’t want your family to miss.

Gum for my boat

This fascinating film pays particular attention to the Bangladesh Surf Club and is a real story of hope and harsh living conditions. It will astound you watching the poverty laden kids being awarded the gift of surfing, and by all means you will be motivated by their ability to face the difficulties of life amidst their impoverished backgrounds.

The Endless Summer

An oldie but a goodie, a timeless masterpiece that never ceases to capture the mind of every generation. A chosen few Californian surfers live their dream over the course of a few months while traveling the world in pursuit of the perfect wave. These young stars explore the West African waters and in their continued search, they plunge into the Australian seas (full of sharks) and eventually taste the Tahiti tropical paradise and beyond. The Endless Summer is an ideal surfing adventure that any surfing family would want to watch.  And just a side note…Endless Summer 2 was filmed at nearby Witch’s Rock…an iconic surfing location in which we are now offering both day trips to and overnight boat trips.

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