Tony Roberts

and his talented team of shooters will be capturing your sessions in high resolution digital photos and HD video.

Surf/shoot packages include unlimited shoots, and a trip video edit!

Whether you are just learning or a top pro, learn from the wipeout shots and share the best moments with your friends and family!





from The Encyclopedia of Surfing:

Encylodiaofsurfing.TR  2 - Tony Roberts

TR’s credentials:

  • Official Staff Photographer Quiksilver and Roxy Latin America
  • Principal photographer of the Quiksilver Crossing 2002-2005
  • Contributing photographer
  • Sports Illustrated Latino
  • National Geographic Extreme
  • WSL world tour
  • TransWorldSurf
  • Surfing Magazine
  • various publications and websites

0001 1 - Tony Roberts

TR Bio;

 Tony Roberts is a lifelong surfer, skater, artist, musician, photographer and filmmaker. He brought the wide angle skate style surf action watershot to the world in the late 80’s and early 90’s with his native Santa Cruz, California crew as a staff photographer for Surfing magazine, and was named one of the top 6 water photographers of all time by

 He has over 20 full length video titles to his credit including classics O’Neill “O’Zone” and Santa Cruz “Speed Freaks” and continues producing cutting edge content with the YouTube channel “Real Surf Stories”. He was the principle photographer and writer of the final three years of the Quiksilver Crossing and was staff photog for Quik Latin America until 2012. He has lived for 28 years full time in Central America and The Caribbean and now splits his time of father duties, surfing, skating, playing and producing music, shooting and editing and is the go-to guy for tourist surfers of all levels in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panama and The Caribbean with his surf trip company Real Surf Trips, where he combines all these talents to pass on to visitors from all over the globe. To shoot with TR is a rare and valuable opportunity.

trcollage 2 - Tony Roberts