Surfing Serenity: Finding Zen in the Waves

Surfing Serenity: Finding Zen in the Waves

Jun 19, 2015

How do surfing and spirituality relate? Many surfers, from those just starting out to the intermediate and committed, have asked this very question, time and time again, exploring the realm of using surfing as a means of tranquility, spiritual truths, and even, to some, salvation. Though not all surfers may go so far as to […]

Prepping for Your Costa Rican Surf Adventure

Prepping for Your Costa Rican Surf Adventure

May 15, 2015

Interested in learning how to surf and want to combine it with a vacation in Costa Rica? Perhaps you enjoy hiking, diving into deep waters, relaxing on the beach, participating in yoga sessions, zip lining, or even exploring the local towns nearby, trying out the typical food in the region. All of this is possible […]

Yoga for surfing

Mar 27, 2015

How surfing and yoga are similar Yoga supplements surfing flawlessly as it builds strength, adaptability and balance. These are key when out in the water. In particular, it’s a good foundation for building of core, stamina, mental focus and better breathing strategies. The mental focus and the breathing help to diminish stress, which is exceptionally […]

Family Surf Vacation: A Dream In Costa Rica

Mar 20, 2015

A family surf vacation in Costa Rica is the perfect time to enjoy some of the best waves on the planet and spend time with the whole family.  Excitement builds as our local chef begins to arrange some of the most delicious locally prepared cuisine for your private dining pleasure.  The kids will be amazed […]