Vanessa Aadland visits REAL SURF TRIPS

Posted on May 22, 2012 in community, Photo, stay, surf

Pura Vida means pure life. What makes a pure life? Living in the moment, not thinking about the past or contemplating tomorrow.  Treasuring the sunlight on your face, letting the warm waves wash over your ankles, and allowing the ocean air to fill you with acceptance and peace. No judgment, no shame, just life.


After chasing the winters year after year, my doctor reported to me that I was low in vitamin D. I figured I could fix that, and booked a flight to Costa Rica. During my 2 weeks there, I experienced pura vida and I’m in love. In Costa Rica you wake up to an early sun and go surfing, practice yoga, pick a mango from your tree, and take a nap by the pool. For dinner fresh ceviche, a cold beer, and occasionally dancing till dawn with your new friends.


I had the pleasure of staying with the crew at Real Surf Trips in a beautiful beach community home that has it all and more. Tall ceilings, huge glass showers, a pool with a waterfall, internet, flat screen TVs and AC. Every night Anna cooked us elaborate, authentic Costa Rican meals including freshly made tortilla chips, and spicy unique dishes. Best of all, the home is located only a minute walk from the stunning beach called Playa Negra.

Negra is a small “off the grid” surf town known for its consistently perfect waves. I got out almost every day getting to know the ocean and it’s mysterious waves. Learning to surf was an amazing challenge that everyone should experience. My instructor became an instant mentor and friend through his encouraging, joyful attitude. If it takes a minute to gather your courage there are plenty of incredible surfers to inspire you. Many of the best surfers in the world come to play on this particular reef break. Although the talent level is high, the vibe in and out of the water is special. The simple, warm hearted attitude consumes everyone.


The yoga classes are beautiful. The life style in Costa Rica reflects a way of living that yoga promotes so strongly. Living for today, accepting of where you are and who you are. There are plenty of wonderful place to practice or even just by yourself on the beach. I had the special chance to practice yoga on a Stand Up Paddle board. Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.


There are so many activities to check off! Costa Rica is known for it’s zip lines through the rain forest and one of the best ones is only a 15 minute drive from the house. You can go mountain biking, horse back riding, fishing, snorkeling, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, or just relax and get a massage!

To come to Costa Rica and recognize the beauty of a simple life is an experience of a life time. Learning to slow down and cherish the subtle moments of love. Finding more gratitude then ever before from a hug, a laugh or a sunset. Immersing yourself into a blissful way of life by letting go of control and going with the flow. It’s called Pura Vida baby!


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