Family Surf Vacation: A Dream In Costa Rica


A family surf vacation in Costa Rica is the perfect time to enjoy some of the best waves on the planet and spend time with the whole family.  Excitement builds as our local chef begins to arrange some of the most delicious locally prepared cuisine for your private dining pleasure.  The kids will be amazed at the wonderful choices they are offered, with sweet fruits and savory kid-friendly tastes they will ravenously devour.  The adults will be content in the lap of luxury, dining on some of the freshest fish in the world in a family friendly environment.

We are happy to create the perfect family surf vacation for you, including activities for the whole family that will keep everyone busy and intrigued.  A relaxing yoga session might start the day.  Stretching those muscles before a long day of surf and turf can make all the difference, setting a peaceful presence of mind for the thrilling rush that is coming.

Warm ocean waves crash invitingly onto the pristine, sun-drenched beach, a roaring call to the family to plunge in and ride the surfer’s playground.  Leave time for other things, though.  There are many fun activities here in Guanacaste that don’t require a board.  Snorkeling the deep blue water brings a new understanding of the ocean’s bounty and inherent Costa Rica beauty.  Careening through the forest’s canopy gives you a deeper insight into our tropical environment.

A Costa Rica family surf vacation is the perfect mix of relaxation and thrills.  A warm sunlit jungle sits alongside some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.  World-class waves roll from the deep blue ocean, capped in white and begging to be surfed.  Our team at Real Surf Trips works magic planning meals and activities, bringing a fantasy to life for the whole family.  Above all, surf is up!

Surf Playa Negra, Costa Rica with Real Surf Trips and see why it’s called the ‘Rich Coast’. Real Surf Trips offers first class accommodation, experienced teachers, and superior service in one of the best surfing spots in Costa Rica!


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