A look inside the worldwide surf community

Posted on Jul 7, 2015 in community, Costa Rica Surf Trips, surf

July 7The surfing community has always been fairly close, whether among casual circles or in the competitive leagues. There are not a lot of television contracts or teams of lawyers, agents, or public relations crews, and, in comparison to other sports, there is generally not much press or media coverage surrounding many surfing events, and none of the perks (or not) that come with other sports: stadiums and fantasy leagues, paparazzi following big names, playoffs, or huge contracts. But given the peaceful way of the overwhelming majority of the surfing culture, surfers most often like it better this way.

It’s no secret that many surfers are laid back and easy going, with many even becoming near mystics. The ocean is a hugely enveloping and enchanting venue. For those who surf, it’s often a way of life.

This common outlook is what brings surfers together — whether they are from the United States, from Costa Rica, France, Australia or Peru — the ocean is the ocean and we all share it. Anyone could trek somewhere for a chance to ride the waves with someone, whether their name is well known or not.

Learning together is part of the thrill for many, meaning that any amount of background or experience still earns you a spot on the waves. You typically won’t find a whole lot of elitism among surfing communities — the ocean is big enough for everyone.

While the prestige of bigger names may be considered to some as less of a novelty because of the lack of media coverage, they’re still out there garnering a fan base and bringing together both experienced surfers and new. But sometimes losing a beloved well known surfer is what brings the community even tighter together. In 2010, a huge figure among surfers, Andy Irons, lost his life and deeply shook the community.

Although this was a tragedy, the community coming together was intense and only solidified their foundation to stay together.

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