An Introduction to Different Types of Surfboards

Posted on Dec 13, 2013 in Surf Trainings

An Introduction to Different Types of SurfboardsWith the evolution of surfing as a sport, we can now find different types of surfboards, in all shapes and sizes, for the different styles of surfing. Most of the surfboards fall into one of a few major categories like shortboards, longboards, funboards, gun and hybrid.

Each type provides the rider with its own style of surfing, like the shortboard which is more for experienced radical surfing and the longboard which is for smooth rides, if you are not just yet a Pro.

The short board is usually in the sizes under 7′ feet, often with sharp noses, thin rails, and different kinds of tails: rounded, squash, fish and either three or four fins.  Its design also helps you surf on the most critical sections of the wave. The shortboards are designed to be able  to execute any kind of trick even flying up high or if you’re really adventurous, creating your own new maneuver.  It’s these types of adventurers that keep taking the sport of surf to the next level.

Another totally different way to surf is with the longboard that is the oldest and most traditional surfboard design. Longboards usually range from 8′ – 12 feet, it is thicker and wider to make paddling, catching waves and standing up easier.  This type of surfboard is often recommended for beginners as it’s easier to learn the technique of paddling, wave selection and all the surfing basics.  While still having a fun time on the water.

The gun surfboard is one that the pros often use to ride the big waves and experience big drops.  This board has a shape of a shortboard but is longer, in a range from 6’6 feet to 10′ feet to get enough speed while paddling to catch the big bombs and be able to handle really high speeds with good control.

Another type of surfboard is the hybrid design that mixes different elements from different types of boards.  The hybrid is a great board for medium size waves.

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