Nutrition for surfing

Posted on May 9, 2014 in Surf Tips

veggies 2Surfing is one of the most popular and common activities in Costa Rica with year round swells and tropical warm weather and water. The average 150 pound person will burn approximately 400 calories per hour while surfing. Since surfing is considered a vigorous exercise, which requires a lot of energy, surfers must maintain their energy level and make sure they eat appropriate, nutrient dense foods, especially when their main focus of a vacation in Costa Rica is to surf. Local foods that provide excellent nutrition for surfing include fruits, vegetables and casado.

Fruits and Vegetables

Some of the best fruits and vegetables that surfers in Costa Rica should incorporate in their diets would be bananas and spinach. Bananas are recommended because they not only have good sugars but they also have fiber. Spinach is an excellent vegetable to add to a surfers diet. It also has fiber, protein and is very rich in iron which is a key component of energy production.


This popular meal, served throughout the day, can be found in any local Soda in Costa Rica and normally consists of rice, plantains, salad, black beans, a tortilla, and some type of meat (we recommend fish). It’s a complete protein source and is packed with fiber, potassium and vitamin B. Eating casado before your day out in the water, or in between surfing sessions, will be sure satisfy your appetite and give you energy to last for hours.

While surfing, make sure you’re eating the right foods that will give you energy throughout the day.  Maintaining quality nutrition on your Costa Rica surf trip will enable you to be in the water from sunrise to sunset!

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