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Types of surf boards for Costa RicaCaring for Your Surf Equipment

By providing your surfboard and the rest of your surf equipment with the care that they need, you can count on better performance out of them when you need it the most. Fortunately, caring for your surf equipment is simpler and more straightforward than most people expect.

Here are some suggestions when it comes to caring for your surf equipment:

Once you have finished using your surf equipment, you need to make sure that it has been cleaned and dried before putting it back into safe and secure storage. This way, you can protect your surf equipment from the corrosive effects of being exposed to saltwater.

You want to be careful whenever you are carrying your surfboard with you since bumps and scratches can cause potential problems further down the road. Additionally, you should make sure to use a strong and reliable leash so that your surfboard won’t get away from you and be bumping into things while it is in the water.

Choose a wax for your surfboard based on the temperature of the waters in which you will be surfing. Generally speaking, softer waxes are better-suited for colder temperatures, whereas harder waxes are better-suited for warmer temperatures.

From time to time, you should remove the wax on your surfboard so that you can check its surface for cracks and other signs of damage, which can be done by letting it soften in the sun before scraping it off with a card or something similar. Afterwards, you should apply a new layer of wax to keep it well-protected.

Finally, both the heat and the UV radiation in sunlight can cause damage to your surf equipment with prolonged exposure. As a result, if you are not using them, you should keep them stored in a specially-made bag and/or somewhere out of the sun for the best results.

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