Posted on Sep 21, 2016 in Surf Tips

costa rica surfing lifestyleSurfing, unlike other sports, is often considered a lifestyle. There are many reasons associated with surfing that make it special and transform it from a sport into a way of living. Not only can it be done by people of all ages and bonus, it can be done in some pretty amazing places around the world like our surf trip locations in Costa Rica and Jamaica, but it has other numerous benefits as well. Among the reasons…

Psychological benefits: An enhanced view of varying perspectives can be created through surfing. While in the ocean, there are natural elements such as the waves, the mechanics required for surfing as well as being surrounded by natural forces that impact one’s psychological state. Being out in the ocean, enjoying the water and embracing the natural forces allows one to forget all of  life’s troubles momentarily, and focus on the present moment.  In this way, it’s almost like a meditation and helps to create a more stable psychological state.

Patience: Surfing presents a person to learn and practice patience. While on the water, you may have to wait for a while before you catch a wave. There is also the training required if you want to become a good surfer, an aspect that may take time and a lot of patience.   

Flexibility: At the same time, there are numerous considerations while surfing that change in an unpredictable manner such as the weather, the wind, and tides, all of which are in perpetual motion. This requires an individual to be flexible for the surfing experience to be successful. Both patience and flexibility are virtues in our everyday lives and surfing can improve our outlooks on both.

Lifestyle benefits: Since surfing requires one to be physically fit, many people find that surfing not only offers the above benefits but also creates a more healthy lifestyle overall,  such as implementing additional physical exercise and healthy eating into their everyday life.

For surfers, the activity, the lifestyle has great meaning for them. Come and see why on your next vacation in Costa Rica!

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