First Lesson

The First Lesson

Some people are supremely confident in the waves, while other people are intimidated by just being in the ocean environment but everyone, without exception, thoroughly enjoys their first day surfing.

During your first session you will never be out of your depth and everything will first be explained to you clearly in small, confidence building, bite sized sections. Towards the end of your stay with us you will have the chance to push yourself but that only happens later on and if you decide that you would like to. 30 minutes before you go down to the beach, you will be introduced to your coach, so that you can ask any questions.

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The Process

Once at the beach your session will be broken down into sections involving 5 minutes on the sand, explaining each new skill, followed by 20 minutes in the water practicing it. You will not be thrown in the deep end literally or metaphorically and whether you are a natural athlete or not, you will neither be the best or the worst person that we have coached, so you can relax, let us walk you through everything and simply enjoy the never ending process of learning.

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Not the Norm

Unlike traditional lessons our emphasis is not on standing up, although this is one of many things that you will learn during your stay. Instead we will first teach you how to be self sufficient in the water: selecting and catching waves. We will then show you how to surf the wave by moving your weight, while still laying down, in order to carve turns and accelerate.