Let's Skate!

We offer Costa Rica skate/surf trips for all levels of surfers and skaters! Skate amazing cement parks in the country and unique street spots in the city! Then surf and relax at Playa Negra, the most beautiful and consistent surf zone in the country.

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Fly into San Jose, and we will greet you as you exit customs. Session amazing street spots, parks and plazas, whatever type of skating you like, we will bring you to the spots! We custom build your trip and itinerary depending on how much you want to skate, how much you want to surf, your level, and preferences! Costa Rica is famous for it’s unique culture and friendly people. What could be better than combining that with epic surf and skate sessions? At Real Skate Trips FUN IS #1!

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Your skate guide Hubert Araya @hub21_south_side is a lifelong skater and Costa Rica native. He stylishly rips all terrain and has an endless list of spots all over the country. He is well traveled, bilingual, and loves sharing his beautiful country with guests!

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After experiencing the capital, San Jose, we will travel North to Guanacaste, where you will skate a variety of cement spots and surf waves perfect for your level. All of your sessions are captured on photo/video by Tony Roberts Photo and/or his talented team of shooters.

We offer skate and surf lessons and coaching in both sports for all levels.

Your partner doesn’t skate? No problemo! We have a bunch of fun activities available including: Yoga, Canopy Tour, Mountain Bike, Kayak, Massage, Volcano Tour, Horseback Riding, Ocean and or River SUP Tours, Snorkeling, Witches Rock/Ollies Point Boat Trip, Surf and or Fishing Boat Trips, surfboard rentals, surf and or skate lessons and or coaching for all levels. Just let us know what sounds fun and we’ll line it up!


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About Real Skate Trips

Real Surf Trips founder and owner Tony Roberts is a lifelong skater, surfer, photographer and film producer (Speed Freaks, Risk It, Goin’ Off etc.)

TR in action:

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Real Skate Trips was born when Tony collaborated with long time friend and champion skater Hubert Araya, to offer this one of a kind cultural skate surf experience.Tony met Hubert on a street skating shoot in San Jose, Costa Rica in 1998. This gap tailslide was the first photo they shot together. Little did they know at this moment they were embarking upon a life long friendship.

TR's first foto of Hubert
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Tony was amazed by Hubert’s skating and started filming his part which was released in 2000 in the seminal video “La Sele“, chronicling Hubert and his Costa Rican and Panamanian peers: The first generation of professional skaters in Central America, first at their urban city street spots, then the video culminates on the first Real Skate Trip: We all ventured to Guanacaste to ride the amazing cement spots and hang out at the beach and catch some waves together.

Tony and Hubert still skate, shoot and produce videos to this day, and look forward to hosting a one of a kind surf/skate experience we believe you will truly enjoy.

Write us with amount of people, days and your group’s skating level and preferences, any other activities you want to do. We will promptly send you a trip estimate and details, and deposit information to lock in your dates. The next step is to send us your itinerary so we can schedule your airport pickup and prepare for your Real Skate Trip!