Punta Roca, El Salvador – Surfing and more!

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What would define a perfect surfing destination?

Consistent, perfect surf, with a high effort-to-results ratio. Most surfers dream of long point breaks: Punta Roca is often compared to the best right point on Earth, Jeffrey’s Bay. With a variety of points, open swell window for all south and south west swells, and a perfect setup out front of your first class accommodation with little to no crowds, you will realize why this is a real surfer’s dream spot.

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The team at Real Surf Trips have put together the ultimate turn-key, no hassle surf trip. Our beautiful location is situated just a half hour from the international airport (SAL), on a palm-lined cobblestone point, with leads to a nice sand bottom beach break, which endless empty peaks as far as the eyes can see. Our award-winning restaurant uses the finest fresh local ingredients, nutritious seafood (fresh-caught), served up in an exotic, tropical environment. El Salvador is a rough country, but for well traveled, street smart, respectful adventurers, there is a wealth of epic surf and good times on tap.

First surf lessons of your life? Been around the world shredding since day one? Real Surf Trips El Salvador is perfectly suited for surfers of all levels, from bros to pros. We offer everything from roping point waves, to mellow peelers perfect for intermediate and beginning surfers. Our patient, professional surf coaches are bilingual and put safety first.

Why choose Real Surf Trips El Salvador? CHECK OUT THE VIDEO!

The quintessential Punta Roca surfing point is just one of the amazing spots on this wave rich coastline. Most all setups are cobblestone right points, which offer rides from100 to 500 meters in length! Also:

  • Warm Pacific waters provide the ideal water temperatures hovering around 80 degrees for surfers year-round.
  • World class surfing and a big swell window for any angle south or southwest swell.
  • Very consistent: Punta Roca and surrounding breaks “always have a wave”.
  • Home to WSL events including the Quicksilver Pro and Reef Classic.

A visit to this exotic location also qualifies you to access the colorful Spanish colonial towns, coffee plantations on the scenic terrains of volcanoes, and sublime national parks.

What makes El Salvador different from Costa Rica or other famous Central America surfing destinations?

El Salvador has never been able to capitalize on its near-perfect resources in terms of surf tourism. A civil war during the 1980s kept regional and international surfing enthusiasts away for a long time. However, the last fifteen years have seen rapid development and a surge in the influx of visitors. The national treasure of the country is still in its unspoiled state, calling out to surfers of all levels looking for great waves and amazing vibes.

Getting there

The nearest airport is El Salvador Airport (SAL), which is located a brief 32 km from La Libertad. We will greet you on arrival, and from there just relax and enjoy the scenery, while we take care of the rest.

Where to stay?

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Get ready to be spoiled by Real Surf Trips’ 9 fully equipped, luxurious bungalows, that are a juxtaposition of the dense tropical flora and playfully black sandy beaches.

Located in La Playa El Cocal, only 4 minutes away from Puerto De La Libertad, all our lavish bungalows feature ocean-view suites, yoga retreats, gourmet cuisine, and so much more. Each stunning property follows a traditional-cum-modern architecture and progressive design that complements perfectly with the area’s landscape and ecosystem.

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Our Punta Roca accommodation facilities are designed ingeniously to cater a diverse range of guests. If you are rolling deep with the entire crew or charging solo, we have the ideal post up for your needs. We offer suites that comfortably sleep 1- 5 people, and also feature bungalows with 4 double rooms and 3 triple rooms, to exclusively handle large number of guests.

All rooms are fully equipped with flat-screen TVs, A/C, Wi-Fi, hot water, living room with sitting area, and even sunbeds!

Rest assured, whenever you travel takes you to Punta Roca, our cozy chalets will be succinctly available for your surf tours and accommodation needs. After a long and stoke-filled day surfing yourself silly, the inviting interiors of our rooms will be just what you need to unwind with the crew, your loved ones- or spend a romantic evening with your partner.

For entertainment,

  • Play table tennis
  • Indulge in a foosball game
  • Take surf lessons and feel the indescribable thrill of riding waves

Where to eat?

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Enjoy a world-class dining experience at the Restaurant Punta Roca, a heritage diner that was inaugurated in December 1974. Since then, the place has been reinvigorated time and again to ensure the growing standards of the region as well as keep up with its mission statement: “offering customers the best service we can”.

Located in a corner with panoramic ocean views, this is where you get in-depth with the culture. Imagine yourself dining just steps from the Pacific, relaxing in a family atmosphere, enjoying local Salvadorian delights while watching the waves peel off out front..

Our culinary director works to develop a creative menu steeped in grilled seafood, seafood cocktails, and New American/Salvadorian fusion cuisine. In the bar, guests are greeted with a smile, revitalizing juices, the famous national cerveza Pilsenser, served ice cold, and a variety of tropical cocktails including Caballo’s famous Margaritas!

The restaurant is only 35 minutes from San Salvador and 45 minutes from the International Airport of Comalapa (SAL)

When to go?

El Salvador receives all south and southwest swells, so from March to November this coastline is rocking!

Why Real Surf Trips – Benefits of choosing us!

Real Surf Trips have a team of real experts who have the best local surf knowledge and expertise in providing customized surf tours in El Salvador.

  • 40+ years of unparalleled local knowledge and experience.
  • Highly talented, native, bilingual surf guides can bring you to you the best waves on any given day. Rolling with locals is required to navigate paddle outs and local surfers. This is El Salvador, you are not in Costa Rica.
  • 24/7 security and parking facilities.

In the interest of environment and sustainability, we limit beach overpopulation by regulating the number of surfers to a maximum of 6 or less.


Bring booties; the shorelines are rocky and slippery.

Remember to drink plenty of water. Tropical heat and dehydration can sneak up on you during froth-filled days on end of scoring perfect surf.

Hammocks are positioned in shady areas all around the camp to take advantage of your free time. You worked hard for this. Put down the mobile device and just relax.

Surf Spots & Surf Locations

El Salvador is famous for it’s long, cobblestone right point breaks. There is however a surprising variety of fun right/left beach breaks and even some slow, rolling peaks perfect for beginners. Our native, bilingual guides have a lifetime of experience on this wave rich coast, and specialize in getting you into the best waves for you and your crew’s ability, and the given day’s conditions!