Surf Trips in Costa Rica

Real Surf Trips is located in the NW coast of the Guanacaste Province in Costa Rica, close to a town called Los Pargos. It has developed to be a small village catering to an active lifestyle featuring: a yoga center, adventure tours, several small shops, surf shops,  and various cabinas and hotels. Los Pargos offers several restaurants: famous Peruvian food at Cafe Playa Negra, French cuisine at Villa Deevena, Tex Mex at Jalepenos and Pizza at La Vida Buena. The atmosphere in the streets is safe & laid back – maybe it’s the great surf in the area which puts this happy grin on the faces of people you meet here.

Playa Negra's location & epic surf in Costa Rica

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With some of the most consistent waves and surf breaks in the region one of our favorites is Playa Negra.  This dark sand beach holds a reef break making it ideal for the intermediate as well as the expert surfer. The pristine beaches of Playa Negra are dark-colored and rocky in many parts. For sun-bathing and swimming there is a stretch of sandy, protected beach some 50m south of the famous break thats great for the beginner surfer as well.

Costa Rica beach tours, fishing in Guanacaste

Playa Negra is unique in that it breaks on all tides, picks up most all swell directions and holds almost any swell. It is the area’s swell magnet, therefore super consistent. Conversely, Playa Negra is the first to pick up swells and hold them the longest, a surfer’s dream.

Our location may be a little harder to get to, and in some cases even find — by driving through local dirt roads without directional signs but worth the adventure, but dont worry, you are with us. Plus, we are strategically poised to go explore some of the lesser-known spots that will go nameless. Let’s just say they are close by and no one wants to show you where they are.

We will take you there.

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