Top 5 reasons to hire a photo/videographer on your Costa Rica surf trip

July 21Harnessing the adrenaline of the almighty wave is one lesson you will hold dearly to while attending a surf trip in Costa Rica. These lessons will prove valuable in the water as you ride wave after wave and fall into the surf a time or two. Each of these scenarios could prove useful in the future through the use of our onsite surf photographer/videographer at our location in Playa Negra, Costa Rica.  As Quiksilver Latin America’s lead principle photographer, Tony Roberts, AKA “TR”, co-founder of Real Surf Trips, has spent the last 20 years exploring and photographing Central America’s coastline.

The documentation he takes could provide future understanding of:

  • Proper Body Position: Through the use of either method, you will have a record of how to position your body for each stage of the surf.
  • Voice Instruction- Hear your instructors words with clarity the second time around.
  • Memories: Always remember the first time you learned, met new surf friends and made the ultimate connection to take surfing to the next level.
  • Real Time Scenarios: The lessons are taped as they happen. Your mistakes and triumphs are in the “here and now” and you can refer back to them as learning tool along the way.
  • Accomplishment: As you improve, you’ll be able to look back and see where you started. A sense of accomplishment, for sure.


Pictures and videos will always be worth a thousand words in the future. Preserve your life and your surfing adventures on film. Your Costa Rica surf trip experience is one of those times where there will be plenty of bleeps and bloopers to laugh at in the future. Pictures will also continue to serve as learning tools. The use of our videographer is recording the here and now. It allows you to forever remember where you started. You’ll be able to constantly have the training at hand all the time.

Experience a vacation like none other—learn how to surf from the experts in Playa Negra, Costa Rica with a Real Surf Trip’s surf camp.

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