THE TRIP: Reggae and surf lovers rejoice! Real Surf Trips Jamaica is LIT!

Two different coasts offer a myriad of point break setups for various swell and wind conditions, and our local guides have it dialed. The people, music and culture of Jamaica are unique and special, and with the excellent waves this really takes cultural surf travel to the next level. We have formed a one of a kind trip that will amaze and fascinate you.



A world away from the tourist areas of Montego Bay and Negril on the Western side of Jamaica, lies the Eastern half of the island’s south and north coasts, which are made up of largely right and left cobblestone point setups. Swells funnel down through the channel between Haiti and Cuba and produce punchy and consistent surf. The crowds are light and local surfers are friendly and many are highly skilled. Of course paddle lightly and give them that full respect they deserve! The most consistent wave season is November through February and June through August, but the reggae music scene is hitting hard every night all year long!



Our local guides were born and raised in Jamaica and have a full grasp of the surf conditions and forecasts. They also are dialed into the culture and music scene so we are ready to put together a trip ideal for your priorities!


What our surf trips include:



Comfortable lodging complete with AC and wi-fi for all sizes of groups.



Private passenger vans for large groups/airport pick ups and drop offs, guides and 4x4s for surf destinations.



Delicious and nutritious meals from local organic farms and fresh caught seafood off the boats daily.