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Of the very first group of professional skaters in Central America, Costa Rica’s Hubert Araya is one of the most prolific. He started skating a couple of decades ago, and has been shredding hard ever since. Skateboarding has opened many doors for Hubert. He has traveled the world and skated alongside many of his heros and idols. He has been a leading example for countless youth aspiring for skateboarding greatness and is active with Volcom as a rep and in hosting events all over Costa Rica and Latin America and inspiring countless youth. We could not be more stoked than to have Hubert representing Real Skate Trips and to host your upcoming tropical skate adventure! We had a quick sit down with Hubert so you can learn more about him!

TR- Yeah Hubert! So stoked on Real Skate Trips and being able to share this experience with everyone, and most of all, having you as our Costa Rica skate guide! Let’s go all the way back: Where did you start skating and with who?

Hubert- Pura vida T! I’m stoked too! I started skating on the Southside of San Jose with Percy Lawrence Arias back in ’90.

TR- Rad! Since then skateboarding has taken you worldwide! What are your Top 3 skate trips so far?

Hubert- Wow, so many. 1997, with all the boys, first trip to Panama for the contest….any trip to Panama is amazing as the Costa Rica and Panama crews are both so strong and we have always pushed each other’s levels, but that first one was a game changer! 2007 Puerto Rico for the K.R.E.W. contest would have to be right up there…really stacked draw and I got 17th out of 80 international pros, Nyjah Huston won it! 2018 California, Vans skatepark tour- just incredible!

TR- That’s the stuff dreams are made of! I know you have shown a lot of pros around Costa Rica and shared your incredible and unique spots to some of the best. Who were some of the funnest skaters you have shown around your homeland?

Hubert- Jonas Wray and Dave Duren for Media back in 2000 and Mark Appleyard and Louie Barletta for Globe in 2014 come to mind. So fun!

TR- What is the number one best reason Costa Rica a great place for a skate trip?

Hubert- So much diversity. A lot of really unique and diverse street and transition spots, and we are constantly discovering new ones. Plus the people here are friendly and we love skating with new friends!

TR- We met decades ago. What is your recollection of that?

Hubert- I was honored to meet you in person. I had seen your photos and videos parts you produced for Santa Cruz of many of the skaters that changed the course of history in skateboarding like Danny Way, Natas, Eric Dressen, Mike Vallely, Tom Knox… To shoot with you brought out a lot of pride and motivation.

TR- Wow, Thank you. The feeling was and is mutual. Tell us about filming for “La Sele”, the first video release capturing the first group of pro skaters from Central America!

Hubert- That you called me to have a part in there really motivated me. To know I was going to skate with this group of friends and great skaters from Costa Rica and Panama pushed me more! We had such a great time filming that video and each time we went out and accomplished getting something amazing there was so much happiness and stoke!

TR- Yes. That was unforgettable. The talent level of that group of skaters was unbelievable and historic. You guys were just skating for the heart and we captured that feeling. You and that group were the first generation of pros in this region, of which there have and will be many more! Well, this has been great, please leave the people with one more message!

Hubert: I want to invite all skaters to get psyched and come down and enjoy a Real Skate Trip in Costa Rica! Pura Vida!!

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