Yoga for surfing

Posted on Mar 27, 2015 in Costa Rica, Costa Rica Surf Trips, Wellness


How surfing and yoga are similar

Yoga supplements surfing flawlessly as it builds strength, adaptability and balance. These are key when out in the water. In particular, it’s a good foundation for building of core, stamina, mental focus and better breathing strategies. The mental focus and the breathing help to diminish stress, which is exceptionally convenient in larger waves or other not-so-ideal situations when on the water. For the genuine surfer or the genuine yogi, there is an association with every pose that goes past the physical. One could even pose as a viable rival, the rhythm of the sea with the mood of the body. Physically, yoga is an excellent choice for staying fit, preventing wounds, warm up before paddling out and to extend the body after a long surf session.

Effects of yoga on surfing

Figuring out how to breathe appropriately is one greatest benefits a surfer will get from practicing yoga. The vast majority of us breathe through our mouths taking short and shallow breaths. In yoga you are asked to breathe through your nose filling your whole lungs, and down into your abdomen. This can be exceptionally helpful in assuaging apprehension while surfing and providing for you the lung capacity to handle holding the breath under the waves.

Yoga is a practice that reinforces your surfing.  It likewise has comparative impacts as a therapeutic massage after a long day on the water.  Your muscles are continually contracting while in the water and profit significantly from yoga, as it stretches the muscles and truly serves to loosen up each one of those knots that you can gather while surfing.

Here are two poses to try out:

Garland Pose

This is a great stretch for the lower half of the body. It serves to open up the hip flexors and to extend and reinforce the lower half of the legs and additionally the back and neck muscles. This is a particularly good pose to forestall cramps in your hips while in the water from sitting on the board for drawn out stretches of time. It is additionally an good exercise for toning the legs.

Four-Limbed Staff Pose

This is possibly the most perfect pose for core strength. For the individuals who think yoga is merely stretching, you will without a doubt feel a workout from this one. This is a pose that will help you considerably with your popups, making them stronger and quicker. This adjusting posture will enhance your quality and tone the back, triceps, and core.

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