A wind-kite-surf vacation in the Dominican Republic

Posted on Feb 10, 2017 in Costa Rica Surf Trips

DSC 4830 300x199 - A wind-kite-surf vacation in the Dominican RepublicWhy should people choose to vacation in the Dominican Republic for surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing?

Booking the best holiday destination depends on what an individual is seeking to achieve. That means that your choice will depend on tastes and preferences concerning a particular destination. For those who love surfing, windsurfing and kite surfing, for example, a destination with an ample environment that supports these activities would be most appropriate. A vacation in the Dominican Republic is a great option for those seeking any kind of surfing activity.

Let’s take a closer look to give you more insight as to why this destination is popular with all kinds of surfers.

Here is what you can expect and what you will experience here.

  1. Sports
    Those who fancy sports will find the Dominican Republic to be a place where they can engage in a variety of sports on land and sea. The thrill of enjoying your sport in an environment with a captivating ambiance is an exciting experience that is worth a million words and this is what you will find here. Water sports are surely popular the world over, and the adrenaline that these sports induce is reason enough to warrant your participation in these fun activities. The water sports in the Dominican Republic include surfing, kite surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling, fishing and wakeboard.
  2. Nearly perfect weather
    To enjoy each of these sports, you not only need a perfect environment but also one with perfect weather throughout the year. Sunlight is no rare commodity here, and that is why the Dominican Republic is ideal for all these sports all year long. The temperature here ranges between 78°F and 89°F and falls to just 68°F during winter. The area receives rainfall as well but mostly this happens more often in the night, so you have the days to enjoy your time here. And the nights to enjoy the culture and good food…
  3. Gastronomy
    To satisfy your appetite, sample some tantalizing 100% Creole dishes that incorporate a foreign influence as well. Sumptuous local delicacies are also available including the Mofongo, which is a delicacy comprising bananas, cracklings and pork. Another local dish you will enjoy is La Bandera (The Flag), a dish that features meat, rice, and beans. This particular dish draws its name from its color and flavor, and for dessert, you will find wholesome creole sweets with plum, milk, orange, coconut and tropical fruits.
  4. Awesome accommodations
    Accommodation at the locations we have chosen are all quality, offering high end luxury experiences. We offer two locations – Amber Coast and Cabarete, and we chose these specifically for the types of activities that you can do at each.

These places include the crystal clear Caribbean waters, fun activities on land and sea, great cuisine and drinks, fine white sands, casino and entertainment shows, lush vegetation and other cultural events. Personalized services and attention to detail at our exclusive accommodations will ensure that the experience remains etched in your mind for a long time coming.

In addition to the exclusivity of our accommodations, the restaurants here are right on the ocean fronts to give you the most amazing sights and private beaches that provide a relaxing atmosphere, in this tropical environment. Play such games as golf, volleyball, and tennis with a picturesque view of the Caribbean Sea and the experience is simply ecstatic from when you start off, to the point when you drop off to rest while enjoying your favorite cold drink.

  1. The community
    Friendly, hospitable, approachable, attentive, respectful and caring are some of the words that can be used to describe the wonderful people of this region. It is said that a smile is a language that anyone can understand and it is a value that the people here uphold by all means.

That is evident as they share some of the beautiful stories of the region, as they dance to their musical rhythms that are a true reflection of their culture, and in the jokes, they share as well. Dominican Republic is truly one destination you do not want to miss out on, and once you visit, you will surely want to make the trip back here as soon as you can.

  1. Night life
    After a day out in the ocean surfing, or on the sandy beaches enjoying your favorite sport or exploring around this beautiful country, night falls, and it is time to experience the other world. That is the night life that sets your feet to dancing through contagious music that hardly allows any thought of taking a rest to cross your mind. Coupled with amazing surprises, evenings here come to life, and that in and of itself will create a lasting memory.

If you are looking for a place that has music to dance to throughout the night, as well as delicious  cuisine, the beach, fun, music, and fashion as well – it’s all here in the Dominican Republic. This provides a relaxing atmosphere that causes all your other concerns, and the stressful engagements of regular life, to drift away slowly. All that happens as you feel the sand on your feet, enjoy the view and take part in fun activities in our tropical location.

  1. Breathtaking beaches
    The vast sea is a major attraction here that everyone wants to visit when they come to the Dominican Republic. The sea here is permanently blue-green in color with fine white sandy beaches, and some areas within the sea are rich in natural life. For that reason, they are considered national treasures. Add to that, you can take the time to explore the coastal lagoons and idyllic reefs of this region, which are nothing short of stunning in every way.
  2. Bigger surfing waves
    Compared to many regions, the Caribbean receives waves on the sea throughout the year, and for that reason, it is a perfect environment for all who enjoy surfing, wind surfing and kite surfing. Both beginners and experienced surfers will treasure the experience that these waves bring, and it is a delight to go out and cruise the waters in such a stunning natural environment.

Our instructors will offer guidance especially to beginners, which means that most unlikely incidences are contained for all to have the best surfing experience ever. Those who have been surfing for a long time will also have something to learn from our instructors, and that turns out as an added advantage for them, as a result of interacting with and learning from our expert guides.

  1. Affordable flights
    When planning a surfing trip, one major consideration is the cost that one will incur to such a destination and back home again. That is one of the major factors that can either prevent or encourage you to book a flight to the Dominican Republic. The best thing is that flights to this destination are affordable whether you are booking as an individual, as a group. It is so close to the United States that flight deals are readily available.

You can often book just a few weeks before as well and pay an affordable rate for flights.  That means that you will be well within your budget for all the activities you want to participate in during your vacation in the Dominican Republic. You can comfortably book your flight without worries and take a long deserved surfing break.

  1. Suitability
    It is always a pleasure to travel with someone who shares your surfing interests or to find someone at the destination you are visiting that is like-minded. But with so many activities here in the Dominican Republic, even if your friends, family or partner don’t want to participate in surfing, kite surfing or wind surfing, they will still have plenty of other experiences to enjoy during their vacation.

For those whose families, friends and partners do delight in all of the surfing experiences we have to offer on our beautiful coastline, a vacation here will end up being an amazing opportunity to connect and play together in our tropical zone.

The Dominican Republic is a great choice for family vacations or groups of friends who want adventure and relaxation in a tropical location. But it is more than just a haven for surfers, kite surfers and wind surfers! There are plenty of activities for everyone to participate in, on land or sea. Traveling solo? Not a problem, you are sure to meet plenty of friendly people along the way and you can count on our team to take care of all your needs.

Our team in the Dominican Republic is here to ensure you and your group have a fun time, try out new adventures and experiences, improve your skills with ocean sports and have you dreaming about your next trip before you’ve even left the island!

Real Surf Trips offers guests a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to learn surfing from our experts on one of the best surfing beaches in Costa Rica, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.  Come enjoy our fantastic staff, beaches, and luxury accommodations!





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