Why Coffee is Good for You

Posted on Jul 5, 2016 in Costa Rica Surf Trips

DSC_8514As a follow up to the last post on the chorreador, we thought we’d write about why coffee is good for you.  We know that during a vacation in Costa Rica, many will want to wake up with a nice cup of coffee.

This is even more true if you are planning on heading out to surf and catch a few waves to start your day. There are a number of benefits that come from drinking coffee:

Coffee improves energy levels.

By drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, you will notice your energy levels increase. Since coffee contains caffeine, it stimulates your body and gets you up and moving around. Your body absorbs the caffeine into your bloodstream before going to your brain. Because of this, coffee can improve your mood, memory, energy levels, awareness, reaction time and cognitive functioning.

Coffee helps you burn fat.

You might not realize it, but caffeine is found in almost every fat burning supplement on the market today. Caffeine has been shown to help you burn fat, which is why they put it in weight loss supplements. In fact, caffeine can help boost your metabolism by anywhere from 3-11 percent. Caffeine consumption can help boost fat burning by 10 percent in obese individuals and 29 percent in lean individuals.

Caffeine improves physical performance.

Since caffeine stimulates your nervous system, it sends signals to your fat cells to break down your body fat. It also boosts adrenaline levels which prepare you for intense physical exertion. As the caffeine makes all of your fat cells break down your body fat, it releases the fat cells into the blood where they can be used as fuel.

If you need a little extra boost before heading out to catch a big wave, consider drinking a cup of delicious coffee and watch the difference it makes in your surfing!

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