Why are water sports, like surfing, great for kids?

Posted on May 20, 2017 in Costa Rica Surf Trips

15.DSC 7045 300x199 - Why are water sports, like surfing, great for kids?Summer is the time that most families plan their vacations. At such times, many families might consider visiting some relaxing camping spot in the forest, but if you want to offer your kids something more interesting than surfing, SUP, kite and windsurfing are some other great options!

In Costa Rica, one of our two surf camps make for the perfect place for kids to learn how to surf. This is because surfing as a sport has numerous psychological and physical benefits. It will assist children to socially integrate and learn fundamental values that they need for growth. It will help young ones have proper development of their muscles and bones.

Surfing is not only beneficial to the physical health of your kid, but it also works well for their mental health. Surfing can teach your child certain valuable skills that are essential for growth and well-being. Here are some of the reasons why learning to surf is perfect for children.

It Teaches Kids Balance And Coordination

For one to surf properly, you must have a strong sense of balance and coordination. Coordination is not only a significant component of surfing, but you also need it to lead an organized life. With regular surfing sessions, children will learn the art of coordination, which they can use while walking on a narrow pathway or playing other sports.

Coordination and balance skills gained from surfing lessons can also help teach kids how to ride bicycles well.

It Is A Full Body Workout

Those who have ever tried surfing lessons can relate well with this. Surfing is a great cardiovascular workout that can improve the general health of your young one. When kids paddle and kick out on the ocean with their board, they get an intense workout on their legs, back as well as the upper body.

This is also one of the most fantastic parts of surfing that kids really enjoy. The workout can equally work even for those young ones who are not too much into exercise. What growing bodies need is plenty of movement that they can use to feel their best and be as healthy as they can be.  The added bonus that it’s fun makes it not seem so much like exercise and more like a day in the water.

A good surfing session for the kids at one of our surf camps comes with a variety of activities that will increase the heart rate of your children; build their strength, as well as develop excellent sporting skills.

They Will Also Learn Beach Safety Skills

Surfing is not only meant to assist kids to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Kids also have an opportunity to develop water safety, knowledge and skills. These skills are necessary in helping children remain safe while they are moving around the water now and in future times to come. Kids will learn how to follow rules that include not interfering with other surfers and knowing the exact waves that can be surfed as well as how to handle themselves in the water.

It Will Relieve Anxiety And Stress In Your Children

Just like other physical activities, surfing releases certain substances known as endorphins. This element can be used to give a natural euphoria. Surfing is meant to be a happy day where you all have fun together at our tropical beach locations. Apart from just surfing, your children should also have some time later to enjoy the magnificent scenery and get their healthy dose of vitamin D. Surfing is among some of the few better ways that will help your children improve their mood. It will help take away any negative stress that the kids might have and create beautiful memories that they will enjoy throughout their entire lifetime.

It Opens Up Kids

Apart from teaching them proper balancing and coordination skills, surfing also connects your kids with others who happen to share the same interests as theirs. They will also be able to open up and overcome negative attitudes like shyness.

While surfing is a solitary sport, our surf camps are done with groups of children who are of similar age.

This is very important especially as they grow up. They will then start enjoying the sport and will have other kids to talk to and learn from. Surfing is a great activity that is enjoyed by so many people, and it will enable your child to open up and even break them out of their shell.

It Improves Sleep

This is another great health benefit of surfing for your kids. Surfing is a tool that can be used to enhance the quality of sleep for children. When the quality of sleep in your child is improved, it will work benefit your child’s development and overall health.

You will likely notice that your children will get fatigued after a surfing session, which will allow them to sleep better.

Surfing Burns Calories

No matter the climate, surfing is a great activity for burning calories. But, if you’re not here on our tropical coast learning to surf in Costa Rica, remember that not only is surfing a great workout for children, also remember that the body uses nearly double the calories if you’re in  cold water trying to keep itself warm.

This is one of the reasons why kids will look for tired when they get done with a day of surfing. It is because so many calories are burned while down in the water, riding the waves.

Great Interaction And Communication

Communication and interaction are additional skills that children will learn courtesy of surfing lessons in Costa Rica.

Most of the time, your kids will be surfing in the water with other people, who may be visitors or locals, so they will have to develop how to interact and communicate in a non-traditional setup.

For children who are still in school, this is one of the most important skills that they need to learn. Surfing will give them the opportunity to learn ways of connecting with peers and others who they meet.

Surfing is also great because it will enable kids to learn how to respect different boundaries and taking turns on the waves.

Through surfing, kids will also learn how to develop respect, for both the natural world and other surfers in the line-up, as well as boogie boarders, swimmers and other people playing in the water.

Surfing also helps children recognize, accept and give respect to the fact that certain people actually know more than they do. Our local surf instructors are a great example here.

Surfing Encourages Kids To Eat Healthier

Another great thing about surfing is that it has a healthy living effect on kids. Being able to surf encourages them to watch their weight, eat healthy foods and spend more time outdoors.

Surfing will give your kids sufficient endorphins, and there will be no need to eat unhealthy and excess food so that you can get the endorphins. Surfing is one of the best ways to get kids to eat healthier as they know they will need the stamina to stay out on the water for as long as possible.

Surfing is also a great way to channel excess energy that so many kids often display. It can reduce aggressiveness and hyperactivity in kids.

Surfing Builds Confidence In Kids

Surfing helps kids have a sense of pride and achievement. It empowers them with courage and confidence.

Learning the sport of surfing as a kid will also boost their self-esteem and give them a greater sense of having confidence in everything that they set out to do in the world.

There is nothing quite like throwing yourself into that massive wave, standing up and staying up, and feeling all the energy of riding it. That most definitely needs some self-esteem and confidence and surfing will give them that.

They will also learn the art of persistence and patience, which is not something that they can just learn from one day to the other. Through learning this amazing sport, kids will also get to identify the rewards and values of continuous effort and long term and medium training.


It Is A Fun Way To Celebrate The Great Outdoors

Our beaches in Costa Rica have so much to offer in terms of surfing and other water activities.  Surrounded by jungle life, you and your family are likely to come upon iguanas, wildlife and colorful birds as you head down to the beach.

Kids really do need a break from the digital devices they are all too often connected to year round. A family vacation in Costa Rica at one of our surf camps is a great way to do that

Your children will be encouraged to take in the natural world, the fresh air, the warm water, all of which will, in turn, improve their overall wellness, and will help them develop a liking for an active and outdoor lifestyle.

Surfing is a family friendly sport. Everyone can join in the fun, no matter if you’re just beginning or more experienced, it is an activity for the entire family.

Interested in teaching your kids how to kite or windsurf? Our locations in the Dominican Republic and Jamaica will offer you the same great service as our Costa Rica surf camps.