The Legend of La Segua – Costa Rica’s Irresistible and Beautiful She-Devil

Posted on Apr 8, 2016 in Costa Rica, Costa Rica Surf Trips

costa rica surfing 300x214 - The Legend of La Segua - Costa Rica's Irresistible and Beautiful She-DevilThere is a Craft beer in Costa Rica called La Segua which has a fun and fascinating story behind its name…

The male species is bewitched – men are helpless to resist her beautiful face and seductive voice.

It is said that in Costa Rica and Cartago to be precise, men that are unfaithful to their ladies best beware — La Segua, an avenging she-devil not only haunts the streets but also attacks the unfaithful men as they head home from brothels in the original capital city.

The legend of La Segua is simply a highly seductive ghost that changes shape from an irresistible and beautiful woman into a frightening mare.

What Does The Legend Of La Segua State?

Late in the 17th century, a woman of mixed Indian and Spanish blood madly fell in love with a good-looking Spanish officer that was visiting Cartago. The Spanish officer found the young woman’s pale skin, jet black eyes, and dark hair irresistible. He confessed his love for her and made a promise to walk her down the aisle if she would become his lover.

Despite her family’s strict moral code, the young beautiful woman relented. Immediately after relenting to this officer’s request, he departed for Spain, never to return. Overcome with guilt and deeply heartbroken over the betrayal, the gorgeous woman was cursed. According to this legend, the curse transformed her into a dreadful monster.

Part of the disgrace is that in addition to dishonoring her family, the young lady also betrayed her people by associating with a Spaniard — who was the oppressor. Simply put, it was like she had slept with an enemy.

The legend states that her spirit continues to remain for centuries. La Segua, in Costa Rica, is believed to refer to a female demon. La Segua is after unfaithful men and later lures them to their death. No man can resist her pleading voice, charm, and beautiful face.

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