The benefits of World Tourism Day in Costa Rica

Posted on Sep 25, 2015 in Costa Rica, Costa Rica Surf Trips

Sept 25

World Tourism Day is September 27th.  This is a day for humanity to celebrate the various advantages of tourism in terms of economic development and the spirit of global cooperation. For Costa Rica, with its natural beauty and friendly people, World Tourism Day can bring the country to a new state of prosperity.

Tourism in modern times is responsible for socio-economic progress in countries that know how to attract it. Costa Rica has the variety of interesting locales. By allowing world travelers access to all that the country has to offer, not only are new jobs being created throughout the region, millions of dollars worth of income is filtering through the national economy.

The purpose of World Tourism Day is to make people aware of how important tourism is to a country like Costa Rica, a country that has plenty of memories to offer those who make the effort to visit.

Costa Rica has sunny, white-sanded beaches, lush tropical rainforests, and cool mountain regions to explore, in addition to its many National Parks to discover a myriad of wildlife most only see in zoos. There are also a number of volcanoes spread across the area, including Rincon de la Vieja, a day trip from a Playa Negra location and well worth the trip to see the natural flora and fauna of the region.

On World Tourism Day it is important for people to consider the true importance of tourism to the local economy and strive to provide the areas they visit with that financial boost without taking from the cultural integrity of the region. Eat at a small, local restaurant instead of a global franchise; buy souvenirs from local artisans (rather than mass produced items from China) to commemorate time spent in different regions; and get to know the people who provide a service to tourists. Costa Rica has so much to offer tourists. It’s time the world knew it!

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