Surfing Serenity: Finding Zen in the Waves

June 19

How do surfing and spirituality relate?

Many surfers, from those just starting out to the intermediate and committed, have asked this very question, time and time again, exploring the realm of using surfing as a means of tranquility, spiritual truths, and even, to some, salvation. Though not all surfers may go so far as to say it’s really a spiritual practice, many insist that it’s something they simply know they have to do.

Surfing brings a unique concept of weaving together a physical sport with its earthly energy. What some might find in yoga, others find in surfing; becoming one with something beyond themselves. Surfers insist that you truly do become a part of the wave and that you aren’t just riding water, you are riding water and air and all of the energy from the Earth that braids them together into waves, resulting in an experience usually beyond words and explanation, but just that … an Experience.

The force of the ocean is mesmerizing, enthralling, and huge. Simply dealing with the size of the ocean’s power will keep surfers coming back. Even for beginning surfers, it is easy to become fascinated during their time out on the water.

According to one surfing enthusiast, Kathy Pommet, “Riding a wave is like the ‘”Perfect Storm’. A simultaneous occurrence of events that provide an opportunity to become “One with Nature” while experiencing the magical feeling of ‘flying’ we imagined as kids along with the sense of achievement that we crave as adults. Total fulfillment on all levels; hence the addiction.”

Even for non-surfers, water is a deeply calming, relaxing source. Some think that maybe it’s instinctual, because we need water in order to survive, or maybe it’s more than that … being near water, most especially the ocean, calms and connects us to it, even carrying restoring and healing properties. Popular among symbolism, water is a symbol of energy, life, and presence. It’s no wonder that many surfers find a sense of surfing serenity.

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