Surf Accessories: What you need to know as a beginner

Posted on Jun 5, 2015 in Costa Rica Surf Trips, Surf Tips, Surf Trainings

June 5

So, you want to learn to surf. Welcome to a great world and an even more fun sport. The wind rushing past you and the powerful feeling will never leave your soul once you catch it. So, beware that you have been warned. It is a bite that will never heal. Surfing has a way of dragging you in and never releasing you but it is a wonderful drag that one is more willing to run with.  Here are some surf accessories you may want to have on hand before running off into the warm waters with board in hand.

Rash Guards: with repeated contact with your skin, the board can cause uncomfortable rashes to develop. A rash guard (or wet suit for cooler waters) will form a barrier as well as protect your skin from the sun’s rays.

Surf Wax: If you don’t want to slip and slide and you do want to stand up on your board, you will definitely want to apply surf wax. Check with where you are buying your board to make sure there isn’t already a gripper on the board.

Surfboard Traction Pads: Also known as deck grips, they are most often used on short boards. A surfer may use these in place of wax. It is a matter of preference whether you have one or two placed on your short board but it is typical to only have one on the back.

Surfboard Leash / Leg Rope:This hopeful piece of equipment is a lifeline when you fall off your board. The leash just about guarantees that you will not be separated from your board and that others will not find your board flying at them. We say hopeful piece because while we hope to never use it, it is without a doubt that we use it on a regular basis.

Surfboard Bag: Every board owner wants to protect what is a costly investment. If you’re traveling with your board, a board bag is the best way to protect it.

Starting out with the basics is the way to go for beginners. Don’t get caught up in all the hype and shine of surfing. You have to gain some experience before using a lot of the products out there. Chances are that by the time you get the experience to use most of them, bigger and better things will be available and you will want them instead. Save your money until then…and have fun!

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