Spending Mother’s Day in Costa Rica

Posted on Aug 14, 2015 in Costa Rica Surf Trips

August 14

Mother’s Day may have passed in the United States a few months ago, but it’s just about to get started in Costa Rica.  And Mother’s Day in Costa Rica is a very important day…so important that it’s a national holiday!  This is partially because of the country’s large population of practicing Catholics, where the mother holds a special place in the religion.

As in the States, mothers in Costa Rica are showered with gifts, dinners and flowers.  But the commercialization of Mother’s Day that began in the States and which has influenced the holiday in Costa Rica, doesn’t take away from the deep cultural values that all Costa Ricans share: the mother is the cornerstone of the family.

If you’re considering doing something different and exciting for Mother’s Day next year, consider celebrating the holiday in Costa Rica on August 15.  From festivals, to jungle walks or days spent at the beach, our luxury oceanfront home in Costa Rica may be just the place to really treat mom to an exceptional vacation on her special day.

August also happens to be a wonderful month to travel to Costa Rica.  Mom can enjoy the warm weather at the beach all morning and take an afternoon siesta falling asleep to the rain hitting the roof above.   For the more adventurous moms, venture into the tropical forest or take to our warm waters for surfing, where there are no iPhones, no Internet … just the sights and sounds of natural beauty on the most exotic Mother’s Day your mom will ever remember.

Gifts often become well used and discarded, flowers die, and chocolates get eaten.  A vacation in Costa Rica will make for a Mother’s Day that she will never forget, creating lasting memories for your mom to cherish year after year.  This could even become a tradition for you and your family!

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