What does Pura Vida mean

Posted on Jun 30, 2017 in Costa Rica Surf Trips

In simple terms, Pura Vida, when used by Costa Ricans, means “pure life.” However, it means so much more to them than just these two words. People from the United States will soon discover once they are on vacation in Costa Rica that it is not just a saying, but a way of life. Something you’ll probably want to bottle up and take home with you.

Pura Vida is a Costa Rica slang term used by Ticos whenever they greet someone or to confirm that everything is okay. The way they choose to live their life is pura vida – that they are always happy and do not carry all of the daily stresses that us North Americans take upon us on a daily basis.

Where did the term originate from?

During 1956, Gilberto Martinez directed a Mexican film “Pura Vida” where the phrase was used to express external optimism by the actor Antonio Espino. From then on, the Costa Ricans adopted the saying and made it a part of their daily lives.

While on vacation, you will soon sense the pura vida vibe – to take it easy and take it upon yourself to enjoy life in its various forms while putting stress on the back burner.

Making Pura Vida part of your daily existence is what you’ll want to do in order to live life in the best way possible. Without all the stress and hassle that we all too often put upon ourselves.

Pura Vida is an emotion; it is happiness, and it’s about choosing to have the right mindset. Do not neglect to carry on living the “Pura Vida style” once you get back home on U.S soil. After all, the situation we face might not be half as bad as what others have to deal with. Life is short – we need to savor every moment.

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