Prepping for Your Costa Rican Surf Adventure

Posted on May 15, 2015 in Costa Rica Surf Trips, Surf Tips, Surf Trainings

May 15

Interested in learning how to surf and want to combine it with a vacation in Costa Rica? Perhaps you enjoy hiking, diving into deep waters, relaxing on the beach, participating in yoga sessions, zip lining, or even exploring the local towns nearby, trying out the typical food in the region. All of this is possible on your Costa Rica beginner’s surf trip with Real Surf Trips!

The Nicoya Peninsula coastline has some of the best waves in the world and each year surfers flock to our local coastline to fulfill the ultimate surfer’s dream. Even newbies rise to the occasion to learn to surf off our pristine beaches. It’s an adventure of epic proportion. However, before you arrive at your Costa Rica surf holiday, there are certain steps you should take in order to ensure that your experience becomes a treasured memory.

Prepping for Your Costa Rican Surf Adventure

Exercises to help with balance, toning, and stamina are a must to get ready for your trip. Surfer’s tend to have very lean but muscular bodies so it is imperative that your prep your body. If you don’t already exercise daily, you should begin the following as soon as you book your trip.

  • Water exercises like swimming laps in a pool and practicing paddling are an important part of the exercises you need to build up your body.
  • Crosstraining will help build endurance and energy you need.
  • Stretching will help loosen up your muscles will improve flexibility and improve performance.
  • Yoga is helpful and will not only improve your focus, it will help train your body to maintain balance and stability.
  • Exercises to build up your core muscles: Crunches and other exercises for your hips, glutes, shoulders, back, and chest will help improve your longevity in the water and fight fatigue. Surfing involves a lot of rotation and twisting and typical learning sessions usually run around two-three hours.

A few things to bring along with you:

  • Waterproof sunscreen. Keep yourself safe from harmful rays, by reapplying it often while out in the sun.
  • Sunglasses and a hat for when you are out of the water.
  • Bring a rashguard. While our water is warm and you don’t need a wet suit, a rashguard will help protect your skin from the sun

The most important thing to remember when learning to surf in Costa Rica is your sense of adventure!

Experience a vacation like none other—learn how to surf from the experts in Playa Negra, Costa Rica with a Real Surf Trip’s surf camp.

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