Overnight Surf Trips in Costa Rica

5 dec

Costa Rica is known as the happiest country in the world and rightfully so. There are so many enjoyable and fun activities to do while you are here on your family vacation.  One of the most popular activities to try out in Costa Rica is surfing. Here in Guanacaste where Real Surf Trips is located, there are so many places you and your family can enjoy surfing along with some other great adventure tours like hiking, zip lining and white water rafting.  No doubt creating memories that will last a lifetime.

One of the new services we’re offering are overnight boat trips to popular spots like Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point.  These are two of the most popular places to surf in all of Costa Rica. Now, imagine having these popular places practically all to yourself, with just your family and friends catching the waves. Although during the day there are other people and boats in the area, they will generally leave around 3pm, so you will have the waves all to yourself for a late afternoon surf session. And then in the morning it’s empty from sunrise until about 8 am. In most cases, once people start arriving in the morning hours, you have already been in the water and are ready for breakfast.

Breakfast and dinner are served on the yacht by your private chef so you won’t need to worry about preparing meals or bringing along food.  This option also ensures that when you come in from surfing, diving, snorkeling or any water activities you’re doing, your meal will be prepared without you having to lift a finger. Taking an overnight surf trip in Costa Rica allows you to spend more time with your family and enjoy some private rides on the most popular waves in all of Costa Rica.

Surf Playa Negra, Costa Rica with Real Surf Trips and see why it’s called the ‘Rich Coast’. Real Surf Trips offers first class accommodation, experienced teachers, and superior service in one of the best surfing spots in Costa Rica!

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