National Parks Day in Costa Rica

national parks

August 24th is National Parks Day in Costa Rica.  Costa Rica has 126 protected areas and of these 28 are National Parks and three are declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. These protected areas make up 25% of the county’s land.

During the National Parks Day celebrations, there are often special tree planting ceremonies and many restaurants offer special dishes to commemorate the event. They focus on all that is green and the great supply of natural ingredients found locally and throughout the country. Schools usually are closed so children can learn about protecting natural resources and the environment. Between the National Parks and our Blue Flag beaches, Costa Rica is often considered one of the best countries for sustainable tourism.

A National Park in Costa Rica has been defined as a protected area that is legally declared a National Treasure to protect and conserve biodiversity. These can be eco-systems deemed of National significance, offering learning centers and attractions for tourism. There are 28 National Parks in Costa Rica, with every one having its own unique features. A few of the most well known in our area near Playa Negra are Palo Verde, Braulio Carrillo, Santa Rosa and Rincon de la Vieja.

Santa Rosa National Park’s Pacific beaches, in addition to being important turtle nesting sites, provide some of the best surfing in Central America. Ollie’s Point and Witch’s Rock, forever immortalized in the cult flick Endless Summer 2, are located just off the park’s shores.

We are happy to coordinate a boat trip for you to this area to truly experience not only great surfing but also the natural and preserved beauty of Costa Rica.

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