How to Make Your Family Vacation in Costa Rica a Memorable One?

Posted on Jun 20, 2017 in Costa Rica Surf Trips

13.DSC 2846 300x201 - How to Make Your Family Vacation in Costa Rica a Memorable One?A vacation in Costa Rica is not only family friendly but budget friendly as well. This Central American hot spot presents numerous opportunities for families to have lots of fun without busting your budget. And as a bonus, you may even find that you learn to get along with one another much better.

What is more, when taking a family vacation, you want to visit a destination that is considered safe and easy to get around, but not overdeveloped that makes everyone feel that they are still back home. Costa Rica fits the bill perfectly. You will also find an abundance of flights into our local airport, Liberia (LIR). Another plus is that English is widely spoken here, making it easier to not only get around but potentially form new friendships, which will aid in fostering a stronger bond among families.

Pre-arrival Tips to Guarantee a Satisfying Family Vacation in Costa Rica

Before you book your long awaited beachfront vacation, you need to ensure you get your pre-arrival strategies in order so you can enjoy an amazing vacation with your family and become even closer to one another .

Follow along as we cover three of the most important pre-planning tips:

  • The most important item on your vacation planner is to get your timing right. Due to the micro climates in Costa Rica, just about any time of the year is a good time to visit. The Pacific Coast feature more of a rainy season from May through November, while it is more of a dry season at the Caribbean Coast. It switches for these coastal regions from November through April so to the Caribbean Coast have their rainy season. So, it is crucial to get your planning right before you book your stay.  If your family wants to learn to surf, any time is good where we’re located on the Pacific Coast however March-August are the best travel dates.
  • How do you plan on getting here? We recommend flying into Liberia International Airport and can provide transportation to either of our two beach locations in Playa Avellana or Playa Negra.
  • How to get around when on vacation in Costa Rica? For the most part, you do not need a car if you plan on doing day-trips as most of the tours include transportation. We can arrange all necessary transports as well.

Now that you have your ducks in a row as to when and where you would go for your next family vacation, you may want to think about steps you can take to ensure a close knit family at the end of your much deserved tropical beach vacation.

Steps Families Can Take So Everyone Has a Great Time

There is no shortage of ideas on what you and your family can do to get along a little better while enjoying your vacation in Costa Rica. When you are together in a new environment, you get to do things that you’d normally not get a chance to do at home.

What are some of the things you can do together as a family to ensure your time away becomes fun-filled while you develop a deeper appreciation for the other person’s values?

Let’s take a look at some ideas:

  1. How amazing wouldn’t it be to wake up in your luxury vacation rental, close to members of the family and enjoy a scrumptious breakfast to confirm your planned activities for the day? From there it is off to explore the outdoors while enjoying exciting activities like learning to surf, snorkeling and admiring Costa Rica’s stunning environment.
  2. Taking long walks on the beach as a family is great way to connect on a personal level to the point where you may discover something new you didn’t know about your parent, brother or sister. Somehow being near water brings about a sense of happiness and allows one to open up to one another. Whereas back home you would be too involved in the daily running of your home and having your nose in your cellphone or other technology.
  3. Learning new skills together as a family such as surfing provide ample opportunities to connect on a whole new level and look at each other with different eyes. Cheer each other on. Especially if you find your brother, sister, or parent is having a hard time mastering the art of standing up to catch a wave. It sure is one of the best team building exercises, which is what family is supposed to do, work together as a team.
  4. While you’re at it, why not opt for a relaxing spa treatment, yoga classes or take up golf lessons just for the heck of it. After all, the point of the vacation is to create everlasting memories and connect more deeply as a family.
  5. What if you could learn Spanish and start speaking it to one another? You may just discover that a family member is very bright in that they pick up another language a lot sooner than anyone else. This way they can be an encouragement to someone in the family who is struggling to pronounce the words correctly. Soon you will fully understand the meaning of the phrase “Pura Vida.”
  6. Should you decide to stay indoors, then you can always play board games, or sit around the pool at night and listen to the sounds of nature – the crickets, frogs and cicadas will mesmerize you!

Additional Steps Parents Can Take to Ensure the Family Gets Along With Each Other

Depending on how long you intend on staying in a particular vacation spot, your family may start getting on each other’s nerves. What can you do to keep them busy and not allow irritations to spark off any upsets?

Both parents need to assume responsibility in leading the rest of the family. If no one takes on this role, the family will weaken and chaos may erupt during the course of your vacation.

Special rules and guidelines need to be set and be passed along to the children in an understanding and fair manner. Strong families will work together towards unity and actually follow the good example set by their parents. Especially if they have a voice in the decision making process.

It may happen that a family member is being critical in that they compare everything in the new environment to what they would consider normal back home to the extent that they withdraw and reject the local environment. Parents should give them a pep talk and highlight the benefits of having something to talk about to their friends once they arrive home. Remind them of all the exciting new adventures they had and all the amazing wildlife they saw.

Discourage the over use of digital devices. Someone in the family may be addicted to technology where they spend hours every day talking to their friends to catch up on every little thing happening back home. Encourage them to focus on using the time to connect with the family.

How Do You Create Unforgettable Memories While on a Family Vacation in Costa Rica?

Whenever you decide to visit, remember the goal is to create unforgettable memories while on vacation with your family.

The best way to do it is to set up Costa Rica family vacation itineraries for yourself that are designed for adults and families with kids. Plan around specific activities that are family friendly to accommodate the needs of younger children and also adventurous seniors. Fortunately, there is no shortage of wonderful family activities geared toward entertaining kids and keeping adults engaged while on vacation and we’d be happy to offer recommendations and set up the itineraries for you.

There is no need for anyone to end up being frustrated and losing patience with one another. You are about to have the time of your life and enjoy what the greenest and happiest country in the world has to offer your family. You’ll immediately see and experience the warm culture referred to as “Pura Vida” whenever you meet up with the Costa Ricans. Learn from the locals and practice the same kindness and warmth towards one another.

You and your family may have been looking for a fun-filled vacation where the beach is right at your doorstep? Costa Rica is the place to be with its year-round warm tropical waters that surround our 800+ mile coastline. No wonder so many regard this country as one the most popular places to visit!  You’ll find yourselves wanting to come back, year after year – that’s what so many of our guests do!

Why not give yourselves a chance to connect more and spend unforgettable times together as a family than what you ordinarily would? Younger members of the family are growing older by the minute. Soon they will leave home and you would have lost out on savoring special moments together.  Costa Rica is the place to create lasting memories for you and your loved ones.

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