Kick-Start Your Holidaying Mood with Surf Vacations at Costa Rica

Surf Vacations at Costa Rica

December is just around the corner. With Christmas and New Year Holidays already on their way to wave off the boredom and monotony of your lives, it’s just the right time to plan your next vacations. This year-end, head to Costa Rica aka Surfer’s Paradise and kick-start your holidaying mood with surf vacations at Costa Rica!

If till now, you have exempted this tempting destination from your traveling bucket list for any reason, add it right away as with its nonpareil beauty of hundreds of golden glistening beaches, reefs, and points to paddle the waves, Costa Rica is undeniably a surfer’s idyll. Tides, wind patterns and flow of currents at Costa Rica beaches allow you to work on your surfing skills and experience endless possibilities. The best part is that you need not hunt for different locations in order to experience your favorite & variety of waves- Costa Rica beaches are known for throwing best-surfing conditions at almost all places round the year.

When to Visit?

Decembers in Costa Rica are a real treat and by far remain the best time to enjoy and explore the waters of Costa Rica. The beginning of December also marks the beginning of the dry season here and till April, there is no sign of rain, making the stretch perfect time to get soaked in the beauty of nature at Costa Rica. The weather is pleasant, the sky is clear, bright & sunny and the currents offer a great adventure for all level of surfers. Moreover, you get to enjoy the company of rare and unseen migratory birds in the region that enhance your experience and you enjoy nature at its best.

From May to November end, the regions experience the rainy season. However, the surfing adventure still remains in the swing.

What to Do?

Right from paddling the waves and fulfill your surfing dreams to rejuvenating your sleeping senses by being in the company of unspoiled nature, Costa Rica offers it all in one package.

Do not miss out on this stuff when in Costa Rica.

Plan Your Dream Surf Camp at Best Spots

Surf camps in Costa Rica are quite popular among seasoned pro surfers as well as the ones who are grabbing their surfboards for the first times. There are a number of good surf camps that make all the arrangements for your surfing tour and get your surfing goals accomplished. Many camps, like that of Real Surf Trips, allow you to tailor your surf camp as per your abilities and choices and go to an extra length to let you enjoy the best waves at Costa Rica beaches.

Whilst you may find your peaks at many places in Costa Rica, the two most exciting places to ride on the perfect waves are Playa Negra and Playa Avellana, where the Real Surf Trips Costa Rica Surf Camps are especially popular among the surfers. There are plenty of places at these two locations, which are yet to be explored and offer a great time in the water, and lend different wave breaks in the same area of the coast.

Playa Negra

Surf Vacation in Playa Negra will surely leave your awe-struck with the unending thrill and adventure that you get to experience here.

Nestled among the tropical dry forest lands, the town of Playa Negra is an old coral volcanic reef, where you get to witness the real cowboy culture even today. The most attractive element of the breaks at Playa Negra is that they are rarely surfed and therefore you can have the waves all to yourself. Just enjoy the waves to the most, even you wipe out or face plant a wave. Just ride high on the tides and let yourself flow with the currents.

Playa Avellana

Boasting itself as the world-class surf resort, the waves at Playa Avellana break consistently round the year. Throwing big swells to offering quality small waves, the currents at Avellanas are perfect for all level of surfers. Apart from five main peak spots that include the Rivermouth, Little Hawaii, Palo Seco, Lola’s and La Purruja, there are a number of hidden and secret peaks that are still virgin and you will have an awesome time in paddling the waves.

More Than Just Surfing. . .

Just in case you thought that Costa Rica is just for surfers then halt the horses of your imaginations right here. Apart from planning your surf camps and ride on waves, there are a number of other interesting things that you can do while in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica surf vacations offer plenty of options, not just for the pro surfers but also for beginners and non-surfers alike. Adding to the thrill of riding virgin peaks that still lie hidden in secrecy and are waiting to be paddled, the unpaved roads, untamed thick jungle vegetation, and exotic wildlife transcend you into the lap of nature effortlessly.

Last but not least, do not forget to savor the flavors of the delicious and mouthwatering local cuisines. This is one of its kind of experience lent only by Costa Rica.

To sum up, there could be no better option than Costa Rica if you are looking forward to ending your 2018 at a thrilling note and begin your 2019 in the serenity of nature.

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Kick-Start Your Holidaying Mood with Surf Vacations at Costa Rica
Ever wanted to sit in luxury and surf to your heart’s desire? Well then, you simply must embark on a luxury surf holiday. And we’ve got the perfect destination for you! Costa Rica is a hot spot not only for travelers but for surfers as well. What’s even more exciting is that there are plenty of excellent surf hotels here that provide deluxe accommodation and are located near the best surf spots in the country. So, reserve your spot on a luxury surf camp in Costa Rica and get your well-deserved break in paradise!