Guanacaste: Destination to Consider for Your Next Surf Trip

Posted on Dec 4, 2015 in Costa Rica Surf Trips


Guanacaste’s hot, dry climate makes the region a popular escape for those people experiencing the winter season in northern latitudes, providing a safe and memorable haven. The blend of white and black sand beaches on the Nicoya Peninsula gives the region some of the most unique and beautiful beaches in all of Costa Rica.

For anyone visiting the region, it will leave you with a lifetime of memories that you’ll be talking about for years to come. While there are many fun activities to participate in around our area, we thought we’d take a look at the people of Guanacaste and what makes them so special.

The people of Guanacaste have a deep national pride in both their diverse culture as well as their standard of living, especially as it pertains to the country’s mantra, Pura Vida. Many of them still practice the kind of education and wisdom passed to them from their grandparents. They will also tend to live together as families, even after children are grown. Or, grown children will live in homes nearby their parents and grandparents.

For one to understand and appreciate the diverse culture of the people of Guanacaste, taking a walk in the marketplaces or central park in any of the town in the region is beneficial. This is where you will often experience the culture, typical food and daily way of life. You will notice that in most small towns, there will be a church, school, small grocery store and of course, a soccer field.

For visitors and anyone interested in the region, learning Spanish comes at an advantage, promoting communication and better understanding with the wonderful people in the region.

As one of the dream destinations for many people, Costa Rica offers not only great surfing, rainforests and wildlife but also beautiful local people whose lifestyle they strive to preserve and pass on to the coming generations. Our local region has been through many transformations and is known as a tourist destination but there is still the unique qualities being preserved amongst the Guanacaste people.

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