Costa Rica’s Captivating Whale Watching Excursions

Posted on Aug 8, 2014 in Activities, Costa Rica Surf Trips

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Whale watching is one of the most popular activities along the pacific coastline of Costa Rica There are plenty of snorkeling tours, cruises, fishing charters, and more that regularly circulate the waters making it easy to go whale watching.  In Costa Rica, we receive whales from both the Northern and Southern hemispheres as it’s an ideal location for them to give birth and nurture their babies without fear of predators.

The Guanacaste region of Costa Rica in the northwest, where Real Surf Trips is located, is known primarily for dolphin watching, but during the migration season many humpback whales can also be seen in the waters near Playa Negra and can be spotted from a handful of beaches and the coastline. Humpback whales are considered an endangered species and are protected by international law. The bonus of whale watching in these areas is that you will likely also see spinner, bottlenose, and spotted dolphins as well.

There are many tours available in our local area where you can see the humpback, including snorkeling excursions and sunset sails.  Often, these tours will take intentional detours during the migration season to search for marine mammals. Humpback whales tend to migrate across this region of Costa Rica from early August through October and in the beginning part of the year from December through April.

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