Costa Rica Slang: learn to talk like the locals

Posted on Feb 28, 2017 in Costa Rica Surf Trips

One of the leading destinations for those who want a place that is fun and invigorating to travel to is Costa Rica. There are so many activities that you will be able to experience once you get here.

To be able to fit in with the locals, you will want to learn some of the Costa Rica slang that is used there.

The official language that is used in Costa Rica is Spanish, but the slang in Costa Rica is different from that of other Spanish speaking countries. If you want to make your Costa Rica surf camp in this beautiful town a little more fun, then you will want to learn at least some of the most common slang on the streets of Costa Rica.

One word that is used mostly on the streets of Costa Rica is al chile. This slang word is Spanish language expression that means “for real or something that is true.” In Costa Rica, this term is commonly used in social places to ask or confirm.

This is how the word would be used in a conversation between two boys.

Boy 1: Hey friend, let’s try this new game called Crumps

Boy 2: Al chile?

Boy 1: Al chile

In this conversation, the slang has first been used to mean “really,” where it is applied in a way that is questioning. In the last sentence, it is then used in an affirming way.

This slang word can also be used by locals in Costa Rica to mean the expression for “heck yeah,” just as illustrated here.

Boy 1: man, that event was cool

Boy 2: Al chile

Learning and speaking the slang of Costa Rica will make you develop friendly and positive relationship with the locals.

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