Costa Rica Coffee: The beverage for a 5am dawn patrol

Posted on Sep 11, 2015 in Costa Rica, Costa Rica Surf Trips

Sept 11 300x200 - Costa Rica Coffee: The beverage for a 5am dawn patrol

Coffee is Costa Rica’s most popular beverages.  It’s one of our favorites for 5am dawn patrol here at our luxurious Wavehouse, home to Real Surf Trips in Playa Negra, Costa Rica.

So important is coffee in this country that festivals have been created to celebrate the drink. On the 12th of September, roasters and farmers make their way to La Sabana Metropolitan Park in San Jose. They bring with them top quality coffee drinks and coffee beans.  Coffee experts also attend this festival and teach the guests and visitors everything that pertains to Costa Rican coffee.

Guests and visitors can sample the best coffee made in Costa Rica. The Ministry of Agriculture and the Coffee Institute of Costa Rica also organize a special coffee exhibit on the same day. This exhibition is set up in a way that the attendees can sample and buy some of the best coffee around. This international coffee day gives Costa Rican farmers an opportunity to market their coffee to the festival attendants.

During these exhibitions, you will find some of the finest and also most expensive roasted beans, considered to be the best in the country. Research has shown that Dota Valley produces the best coffee flavors in all of Costa Rica. During these competitions various kinds of roasters and growers participate. These different coffees are subjected to several rounds of “cupping” (think wine tasting but for coffee). Some are eliminated while the top quality beans are taken to auctions. In the past festivals, the winners have had their coffee bought at prices of up to $27 per pound.

The National coffee day in Costa Rica marks the climax of Coffee Cupping and Tours in Costa Rica.

The fair celebrating National Coffee Day ushers in the Independence Day festivities. Thus, the National Coffee Day in Costa Rica is an important national event.  International Coffee Day, celebrated around the world, is on September 29th.

At Real Surf Trips, we like to celebrate coffee every day.  At first morning light, a cup of Costa Rica coffee makes for a great pre-surf warm up and after a fun day on the waves, it’s sometimes nice to enjoy a cup, reminiscing about the day.

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