Before your next sunset surf session…


Costa Rica is a beautiful country that is filled with great sights to see and wonderful activities to enjoy. A Costa Rican vacation can be an extremely action packed endeavor and over time, you may feel a bit worn out. While we want you to take in as much of Costa Rica as possible, we also hope you’ll remember to get some rest during your surf trip in Costa Rica. Vacations are meant to be fun and exciting, but you also need to return back to work well rested, so during your stay at our beachfront house in Playa Negra, we hope you’ll take some time to nap and relax.

There are many benefits to napping while on vacation, but one of the most important benefits to napping during your vacation is that it will actually increase your energy level. Some of the most exciting activities that you can do during your vacation in Costa Rica will require a great deal of energy. These activities include hiking, rappelling, and of course, surfing! If you are going to have the energy to enjoy your vacation, then you’ll want to incorporate a siesta at least a few times during your stay with us. Napping will increase your energy level and allow you to fully enjoy your vacation. While it may seem counterproductive to take a nap instead of enjoying all of the excitement that Costa Rica has to offer, taking a siesta will ensure that you can more fully experience all that our beautiful country has to offer and you will also return home well rested after your much deserved vacation.

The most ideal location for a tropical siesta would be in a hammock outside, just like the locals do.  You can enjoy the natural environment of Costa Rica, the sounds of nature, the warmth of the sunshine, the waves crashing and the tropical breeze against your skin as you drift off to sleep.

After a short time of rest, you’ll be ready to go back out into the surf for a sunset session.  What could be better than that?

Real Surf Trips offers guests a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to learn surfing from our experts on one of the best surfing beaches in Costa Rica.  Come enjoy our fantastic staff, beaches, and luxury accommodations!

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