A Typical Beginner’s Surf Trip in Costa Rica

Posted on May 22, 2015 in Costa Rica Surf Trips, Surf Tips

May 22

Costa Rica and even more specifically, the Nicoya Peninsula offers you the unique opportunity to learn to surf in our tropical waters.

If you are planning a beginners surf trip, here are a few things to expect during your learning experience with one of our excellent local instructors.

Your first lesson will likely start out on the sand, as opposed to the water. Learning on the sand prepares you for the techniques needed in terms of coordination, balance, strength and awareness.

Your instructor will teach you basic elements of surfing:

  • Help you determine which foot to use in front
  • How to pop up on the board
  • Proper protocols of safety while in the water
  • Proper protocols of sharing waves with others
  • Proper carrying techniques of the board
  • How to fall off the board
  • When to paddle

When in the water, your instructor will most likely help you at first, to ease you into the waves and advise you when to pop up.  You’ll be learning how to stand and how to balance while riding small waves in the white water that is closest to shore.

As the week progresses, you’ll start to feel more comfortable and find that your strength is building.  You may also find that you’re a little sore.  We can arrange yoga teachers and massage therapists to ease any discomfort you’re experiencing in your body.

Certain movements may seem easy from an outsider’s perspective, but once a beginner gets into the water, they may be overwhelmed with some of the elements involved with surfing. This is why a week long beginners surf trip in Costa Rica is extremely beneficial for those just learning. What better place to learn how to surf than with Real Surf Trips in Costa Rica!?

Real Surf Trips in Playa Negra, Costa Rica provides its guests with first class accommodations, one-of-a-kind service and over 20 years of local surf knowledge, guaranteed to give you the Costa Rica Surf Trip you’ve been dreaming of!

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