DSC_4249With summer just around the corner, many people are heading to our tropical location to relax, unwind and surf! If you are looking to advance your skills, our surf camps in Costa Rica might be just the right experience for you!

Here’s a few tips to get you started and to increase your chances of success.

Flexibility is crucial.

Oftentimes, people stand up taller than they should when surfing. This is typically because of the stiffness in your legs, back and hips. If you aren’t able to get yourself lower, you aren’t going to be in control of the board. Do a few stretches that can help you get down into position while still being able to keep your back straight and your weight centered. Squats are often ideal.

You need the right equipment to be successful.

Take a moment to look at the equipment you are using. There’s nothing wrong with using a bigger board or trying out one of the many different types of boards. Even professionals sometimes struggle to find the perfect board. Hang in there and keep trying. You will find it in time and we can help!

It’s all about finding your rhythm.

It’s hard not to get excited about wanting to shred, but you have to stay relaxed and build into the surf if you want to succeed. A good rhythm is the key to being able to have an amazing session. Breathe slowly while paddling out. Release your tension. Start out slow, watch where the waves are breaking and work your way into the session.

Following the tips above, you can not only enjoy surfing but also mastering new skills in our warm tropical sun!

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