Semana Santa in Costa Rica

Posted on Apr 25, 2014 in Costa Rica

blog - summer ends swell beginsSemana Santa in Costa Rica, (Holy Week or Easter), is celebrated all around the world by Catholic and Christian people.  In Costa Rica, it has a very traditional and serious meaning for almost all the costarricans.  It  is celebrated in every town in the country with parades, religious processions, mini festivals, movies, shows on television and other many activities that the Ticos.  You will find locals making traditional food like their delicious homemade tamales, which is one of most traditional foods made in Costa Rica.

The main days for festivities are on Thursday and Friday before Easter Sunday.  On these days, you may see some things that are different than the norm because these are the days that most costarricans are off from work.  Many local people take advantage of this and escape to the beaches or mountains  to take a break and enjoy some time off with their family and friends.  There’s also many people who prefer to stay in during these days, to relax and chill in the comfort of their homes watching classic movies about the Holy week and its history.

You will also find that many businesses like banks are closed and public transportation is limited. But if you are in Costa Rica on vacation during Semana Santa, you don’t have to worry because in the tourism industry everything runs pretty normal since this is a very popular time for tourists to vacation in Costa Rica.

We hope you will come and experience the Tico culture and traditions!

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