Christmas in Costa Rica

Posted on Nov 22, 2013 in Costa Rica

Christmas in Costa RicaChristmas in Costa Rica finds warm, summertime weather, cool breezes and warm water to play in!  Everyone is in a joyous mood especially since many of the locals have time off for at least the week of Christmas to New Year’s, if not more.

The holidays here are celebrated by the locals with the desire to share and interact with their close friends and family.  While they enjoy a peaceful coexistence and harmony in their everyday lives, living their pura vida lifestyle, the holidays are an even more special time of year.  Gifts are exchanged and presents are left under the Christmas tree by Santa for the young children in the home.  On Christmas Eve, everyone comes together to celebrate and enjoy a delicious dinner with tamales at the forefront of the meal.

Here at the Wavehouse, you can experience Christmas in Costa Rica in first class accommodations, located next to one of the best and most consistent surf breaks in Guanacaste: Playa Negra.  The perfect surf trip gift for yourself and those you love!  Our Wavehouse is available as a vacation rental during the holiday season.

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