Health and wellness in Costa Rica

Posted on Aug 7, 2015 in community, Costa Rica, Costa Rica Surf Trips, Wellness

August 7

Costa Rica has a serene countryside environment. With very little fear of water and air pollution, the population enjoys a clean and healthy environment. The social circles, unlike the urban setups, also helps to facilitate health and wellness in Costa Rica. The social and cultural practices allow a continued healthy upbringing, with the populace enjoying local and basic cuisine. Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula is a geographic area called a “blue zone” whose inhabitants live measurably longer lives.  However, the area also faces distinct challenges.

Health and wellness in Costa Rica and on the Nicoya Peninsula is often faced with various challenges. The primary problem is there are fewer and scattered hospitals. Medical facilities tend to be far apart, meaning that a person has to travel for a considerable distance. The distance discourages regular medical checkups. As such, the populace is likely to suffer from chronic conditions that go undetected during the manageable earlier stages. The two prominent conditions that we have been focusing on lately are skin cancer and diabetes. With symptoms not readily detectable, such diseases grow gradually. By the time a patient visits the hospitals for checkups; such conditions are more difficult to manage.

Transport is also a challenge that both patients and doctors working in the Nicoya Peninsula face. The major transportation means in the area is mainly on roads by cars.  However, the general population often don’t own cars, hence transportation means are a challenge. The medical facilities also suffer from limited doctors. This means that, upon arrival, you may not get immediate assistance as the doctors are heavily tasked with numerous cases.

Real Surf Trips recently held a health fair for the community and neighboring towns of Los Pargos.  It was a productive and beneficial event, bringing in medical personnel to test for both skin cancer and diabetes of the local Ticos.  We plan to do more community based projects in the future, as both a way to give back, and to continuously support. our neighbors and their families near Playa Negra.

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