Snorkeling in Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast

Posted on Jan 17, 2014 in Activities

Playa Negra, Costa RicaIn recent years, Guanacaste has become one of the favorite destinations for those who seek the dream of a vacation in paradise.  And for good reason as it has some of the most beautiful places and views in the country. Because of its diverse terrain and abundant ecology, there’s a lot of things to do and see…like tours around the forest or some of the most fun adventure activities like zip-lining, ATV tour, fishing, etc. And snorkeling in Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast is one of the most popular.

During your surf trip in Costa Rica, take a break from the waves and explore the coastline on a boat tour or catamaran cruise.  You’ll get to see our amazing beaches, bays and coves on the north pacific in Guanacaste, which  is recognized as being one of the most beautiful along the shores in Costa Rica.  Underwater, you’ll find mostly volcanic rock and sand, with a few spots where you can find corals and different ecosystems.  You may also see marine life like turtles, sting rays and manta rays, morays, sharks like the white reef shark or nurse shark, and for sure a lot of fish like angels, trigger, puffer and starfish.  The volcanic rock serves as a place where the fish live and get their food.

During your stay with us at Real Surf Trips, be sure to take advantage of Costa Rica’s amazing nature and wildlife and you will have one of the most memorable vacations ever.

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